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It all started on January 31, 1986 at a house on Harrell St in Blacksburg. It was Tom's 20th birthday. He and his roommates decided to throw a party and invited a band consisting of their friends from Ferrum College to come and entertain. Needless to say, there was a lot of fun going on and these friends found themselves unable to play. Tom, Wendy, Tim Taylor, Mark McLeod, Keith Cooley, Alex Hamilton, and Dave Ruggio, all friends and musicians decided they would play a few songs. A few songs turned into a few gigs, a few gigs turned into an actual band, and here we are more than 30 years later still going strong. We never intended to be a band, but here we are :) 

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We have gone through many personnel changes over the years but all who have ever played in this band are part of our family and are welcome to come play and they frequently do.

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Our current lineup:

Wendy Godley - vocals, guitar

Tom Snediker - vocals, guitar

Rick Godley - drums

Stuart Draper - vocals, bass

David Garland - keyboards

Founding members:

Mark McLeod - vocals, guitar

Wendy Godley - vocals, guitar

Tom Snediker - vocals, guitar

Dave Ruggio - vocals, guitar

Tim Taylor - drums

Keith Cooley - vocals, bass

Alex Hamilton - vocals, keyboards

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Other bassists:

D.J. Crotteau

Kurt Kratch

Gerry Skenderian

Tom Lehman

Steve "Slash" Hunt

Roger Gupta

Greg Bump

Other drummers:

Kris Hodges

Thomas Wilson

George Penn

Joringel Starchild

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Other guitarists:

Keith Cooley

Danny Dunlap

Other musicians:

Keven Aland - violin

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Spiritual advisor:

Henry Kelley

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